Spelt Loaf

Since I was a child, I remember the joy of eating fresh bread, and what I like about this bread is not just that it’s very tasty but it’s also easy to make too. I find making bread with spelt flour is quick and easy, some people say that the loaf is heavy, but I avoid that problem by using olive oil and with that I find the loaf becomes very light. You can also add milk to it if you want your loaf even lighter.

What do I know about spelt?  Not much really, just that although it has gluten, it’s not as bad for you as the gluten you get in other flour. We all know that spelt bread is kinder to your tummy than normal bread, so I decided that I will try it, and you know what? I actually love it. Sometimes I add spice to this bread like cumin seeds or crushed coriander seeds or even sliced olives.

As you can probably see in the photo I used pecan nuts – all you do is use what ever you have in your larder such as nuts like maybe almonds or walnuts to give it that nutty flavour. It’s really up to you. I also make little buns or a round loaf – it all depends on what I am going to use the bread for. I often use the loaf for toast in the morning. What I forgot to mention is that when you add nuts to this bread, and then you use it for toast it will burn. So be careful not to over-toast your bread. I have to say I also really like this bread on its own just with butter or in a sandwich, but we all have our own preferences.

Let’s bake:



Spelt Loaf

Spelt Loaf Since I was a child, I remember the joy of eating fresh bread, and what I like about this bread is […]

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