Chicken and Quince Tagine

We all know about tagines for cooking, but this one is easy to remember, easy to make and only a few spices are needed. I love-making easy and tasty food, and my Chicken and quince tagine is certainly among my favourites. Recently I  passed by my favourite fruit store and I saw three lonely quinces left on the shelf –  You can guess the rest of the story, as I don’t like to see opportunities going to waste.

I don’t know much about quince. But I do know you can make jam and preserves, you even stew them with sugar and lemon. Also you can make sweet purée and serve it with cheese it’s delicious especially at Christmas.

It’s fine to leave quince out for a few days, or you can wrap them in a paper bag and pop them in the fridge – they’ll keep for at least three to four weeks.

So… let’s get on and make this beautiful dish……… Chicken and Quince Tagine.


Chicken and Quince Tagine

Chicken and Quince Tagine We all know about tagines for cooking, but this one is easy to remember, easy to make and only […]

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