Rack of Lamb with Ginger and Rosemary

We all love a good BBQ, but this one is no ordinary BBQ. It’s a Rack of Lamb with Ginger and Rosemary. Done correctly, this is so tender and it’s pretty easy to marinade – it’s a BBQ fit for royalty!

Ginger is really good for you, and so is rosemary. My neighbours always comment on the lovely aroma drifting over the fence, and I adore it too, especially with a glass of something in my hand.

I make the most of the weather here, where I live, but sometimes the British weather can get in the way of good outdoor eating, and that’s a great shame as I love nothing better than eating out in my beautiful garden – it seems like as soon as I plan a BBQ with friends it starts pouring with rain. So for that reason, as soonas we have a bit of good sunshine, I am out there.

A good tip for shopping and cooking is if you see a good deal on some meat or veg, buy as much as you can afford, prepare it for various dishes and freeze it. This is what I often do with meat, take it home, marinade it ready for a nice BBQ, then freeze it. This way, you are always ready for the sun when it decides to surprise you. Quite often, the best way to marinade meat is to marinade it then freeze it.

This way you get a not just tender meat but full of flavour too. As long you label the bag and store them separately from your normal meat, or you will be sorry when you want to defrost some for your soup!

I suggest you serve this with my Patates Spastes – Potatoes with Wine.

Let see how to BBQ:


Rack of Lamb with Ginger & Rosemary

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