Feta and Spinach Pie

This Feta and Spinach Pie is a delight, nice and crispy but really soft on the inside. It’s full of flavour and goodness, especially with all that iron from the spinach. You will really get plenty of appreciation when you serve this dish to your friends or family. I use extra virgin olive oil instead of butter – this way the calories and fat content are much lower, and I don’t feel so guilty eating a pie!

I love cooking with filo pastry, and these days you can get this in many major shops and supermarkets –  did you know that the Greek word Fyllo means ‘leaf’ – probably because this type of pastry is very thin. This Feta and Spinach Pie brings back lots of memories from my holidays,  every time I see new restaurant, I would order this Feta and Spinach Pie just to see if they make it in a different way, or if it tasted nicer, but the truth is that it was pretty much the same everywhere I had it other than the fact that some chefs added fresh dill instead of parsley.

In Greece this is often cooked with lamb, here one example Greek Lamb and Feta Parcels  and if you ever try that combination, you will never go back to your normal roast lamb. The Greek chefs and cooks don’t use any spice in it, but the flavour that comes from the meat is simply amazing – so now you know why I love Greek food and the people. I have had many holidays in various parts of Greece and the Greek Islands and my husband and children love it there – we always seem to have a great time (and eat too much!)

Let’s see how to bake this beautiful Feta and Spinach Pie:


Feta and Spinach Pie

Feta and Spinach Pie This Feta and Spinach Pie is a delight, nice and crispy but really soft on the inside. It’s full […]

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