Luxury Mince Pies

May I present for you these Pies – who wouldn’t go for a bit of luxury from time to time? I know I do, as do all my family, and at Christmas, I really like to have only the best on my table. I am very proud of my mince pies – there is a local tea room who has these from me – all her customers ask for them at Christmas as they are so light and crumbly.  I only do this seasonally from time to time just to help her out, and I have never revealed my secret recipe – until now!

Mince Pies, like Christmas pudding, were originally filled with meat, such as lamb, rather than a dried fruit mix as they are today. Also very rich people liked to show off at their Christmas parties by having pies made is different shapes (like stars & crescents, etc) You really be surprised to know the story behind mince pies, you will be amazed as I have been – look it up, it’s all very interesting.

So, all there is left to say is have a really happy Christmas everyone and may all your dreams come true –  be safe and just enjoy life.

You could start by making these lovely Luxury Mince Pies!


Luxury Mince Pies

Luxury Mince Pies May I present for you these Pies – who wouldn’t go for a bit of luxury from time to time? […]

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