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Potato and Spinach in Coconut Cream

Full of flavour, spicy but not to hot – just really tasty. Creamy and rich in colour – it tastes delicious. I am telling you it’s so delicious that you will make it over and over again. I have eaten this kind of dish in many restaurants, and I like it, but it’s never quite like this recipe. The moment I saw this dish I had to make it.

It is best to make this dish when spinach and potatoes are in season. As I love gardening so much (and I take it very seriously) I do tend to grow lots of vegetables, and sometimes it’s hard to know how to cook them in ways that are a bit different from the usual recipes.  I was very excited when I saw this recipe on a site – it was from one of my favourite bloggers – someone who I admire very much – Piyali Mutha. She always cooks very authentic recipes and this one has taken my breath away!

Someone said to me that my curries are always red, as I like the colour red. Well that’s so true, this Potato and Spinach in Coconut Cream looks like a golden red colour like a fire in sunset. I think what attracted me to this dish was the chillies in the centre of the golden creamy sauce. I think I said enough about this beautiful dish.

Not very many people know how good spinach is for us as our body needs it, especially as you get older. Spinach is full of vitamins and iron, and it is important for maintaining healthy bones – it is difficult to find vegetables richer in vitamins than spinach. I am not an expert nutritionist, but I know that green vegetables are a good source of vitamins.

Let’s see how its made:



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