Sri Lanka Chicken Curry

Delicious, healthy and packed full of flavour. Learn how to make a good Sri Lanka Chicken Curry using only a  few ingredients. You will love this dish as it is full of good spices and is also very creamy. There is nothing like a good home-made curry. I like many curries, especially if they are hot. I am a sucker for green chillies and when I eat curry, when dining out, I always order a few as a side dish. Indian green chillies vary from mild to fiery and the only way to judge the heat is by tasting a tiny piece of the skin from the middle section ( keep some natural yoghurt handy as you need it ). When I eat a good, hot, spicy curry I always have it with a small, cold, bowl of natural yoghurt.

I hope you like my curry, I love experimenting with new ingredients. This curry is not usually made with spinach, but as I had some sitting in my fridge I thought I will add it to my curry. I don’t like waste, anyway who doesn’t like spinach, we all need iron and spinach is definitely the one to have. Sri Lanka is on my list of places to visit one day.

Let’s cook:


Sri Lanka Chicken Curry

Sri Lanka Chicken Curry Delicious, healthy and packed full of flavour. Learn how to make a good Sri Lanka Chicken Curry using only […]

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