Lamb Souvla

Nothing like a day-to-day BBQ here –  we are talking succulent Lamb Souvla. The way the meat is marinaded makes it very tender and incredibly tasty – no spices added, it’s all in the way it is marinaded. I often make Lamb Souvla when I want to entertain friends or maybe just on a Friday if the weather permits – I use this special portable BBQ that I bought from a small local store. It was really cheap, but so useful. I even take it with me when I go camping, as it fits nicely in the car.

What I like about this BBQ dish is that you can sit around whilst turning the skewers and chat about this or that with a glass of wine. Each person can have a lovely salad and a nice jacket potato on the side whilst each person waiting for their lamb Souvla to be ready. It’s really a lovely way to amuse yourself and friends at any time with this little portable BBQ.

In Cyprus, they often use goats meat or lamb but I don’t like to use goats meat unless I am making a Jamaican dish. How did I come by this recipe? Well ,after visiting my friend in Cyprus, on the way to the airport we decided to stop half way back, to have some lunch, but we could not find an area where all the restaurant were, as we were in a sort of non-touristic area. Eventually, we saw this very small restaurant with lots of smoke –  we soon realised from the lovely smell that it was a BBQ they were having. We parked the car outside and sat with all these locals – they were so nice and friendly, and we had the best lunch ever – so much so, that my husband still talks about it now! Of course I had to ask how they made it so delicious –  the waitress (who was the owner’s daughter) gave me the recipe, and I am very grateful to her.

Let see how this Lamb Souvla is made:



Lamb Souvla

Lamb Souvla Nothing like a day-to-day BBQ here –  we are talking succulent Lamb Souvla. The way the meat is marinaded makes it […]

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