Caster sugar

Almond Ring Cakes

Nice and light and very flaky, you get to taste the roasted almonds, then the cinnamon, then the beautiful aroma that comes from the orange flower water all these flavours will be dancing in your mouth. I made this especially for people to have during a celebration at laid (or Eid) at the end of Ramadan, or especially for a wedding.

They are time-consuming if you make them from scratch, but I cheat and I don’t mind as I don’t always have time like some people,  life is too short and people today don’t have the time. So I found my way that is easier and quicker to make. These cakes are beautiful looking and they taste just gorgeous. I could eat four in one go easy – no guilt at all!  I came up with this idea because the original recipe is very time-consuming. I find using bought short crust pastry is so much better as you get the best result in my opinion and everyone who has tried my cakes loved them , so I am very pleased with myself,I am sure someone out there will do the same as soon as they read this, and why not.

I even fooled my sister and she makes the best cakes ever, she never knew the truth as I was giggling secretly to myself. I have never given the recipe to any one or told my secret, well, now you all know how to make them. I still make them from time to time when people visit me during any festival like Christmas or any kind of party and when I make them they love them.

I will show the real recipe for the pastry maybe next time, I would like to say most of my cakes are very light and flaky, if they are hard then they are not made well.

Now let bake:




Almond Ring Cakes

Almond Ring Cakes Nice and light and very flaky, you get to taste the roasted almonds, then the cinnamon, then the beautiful aroma […]

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