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Summer Pudding No Bake Cake

Sweet and soft, and it goes really well with chocolate sauce – the fruit locked in all the fresh flavours, beautifully rich in colour. This is perfect for a British summer. It’s like eating a light soft cake. I recently bought lots of fresh fruit as it was a good deal, so I will be adding plenty of recipes using all sorts of fruits and berries. I have to say this Summer Pudding No Bake Cake is just to die for.

Fortunately, frozen fruit can work just as well, and many people want to eat this delicious pudding all the year around, so when fresh berries aren’t available, frozen will be fine. I have to say that  traditionally Summer Pudding, does not have sponge and Gelatine in the middle, but I think this is a beautiful idea of mine and if  you try it you will see what I mean.

So why don’t you jazz up your weekend with this beautiful dessert. It is easy to make and I am sure your friends will be very impressed. I often buy lots of fresh berries and then freeze them for the winter. I do sound like a squirrel with nuts don’t I! – good old squirrel.

Try this pudding with a chocolate sauce – wonderful!  Here’s a healthy one, and here’s one with cherry and vanilla.

If you manage to impress your friends with this then you can buy me a summer drink – my drink is Sangria, so I’ll be waiting for it!

So let’s see how to make this delicious Summer Pudding No Bake Cake:




Summer Pudding No Bake Cake

Summer Pudding No Bake Cake Sweet and soft, and it goes really well with chocolate sauce – the fruit locked in all the […]

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