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 Pear and Apricot Compote

This is a real treat to have and superbly delicious –  Pear and A pricot Compote.

It will keep a long time in your fridge, or you can offer it as a gift it in a nice decorated jar as I often do. It’s an ideal present to give to an elderly relative for Christmas, and they will love it! It’s a lovely idea, suggested by a friend of mine when I gave her some to try, and it does not cost that much to make at all. You can make this with what ever you have in your kitchen larder. I  have lots of pears in my garden, but these particular ones are very small –  they are called Shinko Asian Pears. They are round and the flesh is firm and crisp like an apple. The taste, is quite distinct, and out there on its own, although it is still pear-like, being sweet and juicy with a hint of grit cells, similar to the European pears, and my one little tree produces loads of them, I went away in August and when I came back I found hundreds of them on the ground!

I wonder who inverted this beautiful desert, I think it may be the French. The name is derived from the French word compote, meaning mixture, and compote was served as an afternoon snack with sour cream and biscuits. I like to serve it with afternoon tea, instead of jam with a choice of lovely scones. You can serve it hot or cold  – as you wish. It’s delicious in so many ways : Eat it on its own, or with cream, ice cream, fromage frais, custard or yoghurt. You can even add it into trifles or puddings  – it’s really up to you, just as long you enjoy the recipe.

Let see how easy it is to make:



Pear and Apricot Compote

 Pear and Apricot Compote This is a real treat to have and superbly delicious –  Pear and A pricot Compote. It will keep […]

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