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Strawberry Cheesecake

this Cheesecake is very hard to resist – each layer of this scrumptious cheese cake is delicious. There are plenty of recipes to choose from when it come to cheesecake, but as far as I am concerned you can’t beat Strawberry Cheesecake! You really can’t beat a juicy fresh strawberry when they are in season. You can use any kind of topping you can even change to chocolate if you wish. Cheese cake is one of the easy cake you cake make even children can do it and the result is  amazing.

I like to eat mine on its own, but you can add a generous dollop of cream if you want to spoil yourself. I made this cheesecake a little early as I was requested by my Spanish friend who was staying with me for a month in the summer, as he loves cheesecake. What a pleasure it is to have him staying with us and it is a joy to cook for him. I think my next cheesecake will have to be a chocolate one – I’m sure he’ll like that too.

I have always believed that when you have guests staying you have to spoil them, and this is my way of spoiling Angel – that’s his name, but it’s not pronounced as you’d expect! I do hope he will enjoy his stay with us as we love having him. I allow him to ask what he would like me to cook at the moment, and so far it’s all worked out well! He does enjoy a good dessert.

Lets see how easy it is:



Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry Cheesecake this Cheesecake is very hard to resist – each layer of this scrumptious cheese cake is delicious. There are plenty of […]

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