Date and Orange Ring

Today I will present you with this astonishing Date and Orange Ring it’s not just any cake but filled with chocolate and orange peel. Sometime they add just dates to make it very moist, you can add any kind of filling. I remember my mother in law making this cake. Apparently in the old days they used to make this cake in the village when they heard of a young couple about to get married. After the cake was baked they used to put posies of flowers in the centre, whether this is true or not I am not sure, I am only repeating what my mother in law said. I love old-fashioned cakes and puddings especially. This cake is nice with your morning coffee or afternoon tea or you can even dunk it in your coffee! The thing about this Date and Orange Ring is that once you have taken your first bite it will crumble deliciously in your mouth and believe me this can be quite addictive!

One thing about this cake is that you can use any type of flour, it doesn’t have to be a supreme flour – you can even use wholemeal flour (unlike sponge). This is a good family cake and I have baked it many times with my children, using their ideas for decoration – and it is very easy to cut into slices.

Let’s get baking:



Date and Orange Ring

Date and Orange Ring Today I will present you with this astonishing Date and Orange Ring it’s not just any cake but filled […]

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