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Masala Lamb Spring Chops

If you’ve never tried these Chops, it’s about time you did! Not only are they really tender (especially if you use lamb is from a very good cut) but the taste is just amazing. You can make them spicy hot or medium. This type of dish is often associated with Punjab in the North-West of India, although many cultures have their own versions of this glorious recipe. Some people say that they prefer more traditional methods of cooking lamb, but for me this is pretty special.

I always try to buy lamb when it is reasonable in price – I often marinade some and freeze it ready for a BBQ, so when everyone else if finding lamb expensive I don’t. It’s always a good idea to try to think ahead a little when things are in or out of season – get it at a good price and prepare and store it for another time – I do it all the time, and so my freezer is never empty!

What is there to know about lamb, probably quite a lot, for example I know that the shoulder of lamb is best for roasting very slowly with lots of herbs, helping to bring out all the best flavours, although one of my best dishes would be a lovely roast leg of lamb (or it can be barbecued)  – gorgeous!  Also another of my favourites is neck of lamb, you can fry it, stew it, anything you want – even rare – fantastic! Also, how about chump? This is a cut from the back of the animal and it is a very juicy meat and it is lovely for grilling or even pan frying as a steak – you just cant go wrong.

Let’s cook this lovely Masala Lamb Spring Chops:


Masala Lamb Spring Chops

Masala Lamb Spring Chops If you’ve never tried these Chops, it’s about time you did! Not only are they really tender (especially if […]

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