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Sally’s Cheeky Chilli Con Carne

Sometimes all it takes to warm you up in the autumn and winter weather is Sally’s Cheeky Chilli Con Carne. It really does the trick! My chilli is also very popular on bonfire night. I serve it in a nice bowl with rice and crusty bread or even better, with a wonderful jacket potato – even children love it as I don’t add to much chilli powder. Well, actually I do, I add lots of chilli powder, but I do take some out for the children to enjoy!

I’m not sure why some people only make this dish only around certain colder months like November –  I think it’s rich, yummy and filling dish that we should all enjoy for a lot more of the year.  I also find this dish very satisfying if you are cold and tired after a hard long day at work or a long walk or even better a hike up the hill. What I like about chilli con carne is that I can make a big batch and freeze it in tubs or containers. They keep very well, and when I need a quick supper I can take one box out. Perfect.

Let’s cook:


Sally’s Cheeky Chilli Con Carne

Sally’s Cheeky Chilli Con Carne Sometimes all it takes to warm you up in the autumn and winter weather is Sally’s Cheeky Chilli […]

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