Lamb Shank Tagine

What can I tell you about Lamb Shank Tagine? Well… I could tell you that it is tasty, tender, delicious, and that the aroma its outstanding. This is a classic Moroccan dish and their people are very proud of the word  tagine. Actually, in Morocco it’s spelled ‘tajine’ as their second language is French, I believe. Just look at the colour of it –  full of succulence,  this dish is like sunshine in a bowl –  and as you get familiar with my recipes, you’ll realise that is my favourite phrase when it comes to Moroccan food!

Everyone should go to Marrakesh market at some point in their lives –  it’s breath-taking.

Moroccan Jews have been known to serve this dish to celebrate the New Year as the sweetness of the dish symbolizes their hope for sweetness in the forthcoming year. I know one thing for sure and  that is to get the best flavour from this dish is to cook it in an earth pot. I have three so I choose which one I use, depending on the meat I am using.

Lamb shanks have become very expensive – they never used to be, but you could easily use boneless lamb shoulder or even neck of lamb, cut into chunks. This will help keep the cost down. Lets see how to make it – make sure you add plenty of love…….



Lamb Shank Tagine

Lamb Shank Tagine What can I tell you about Lamb Shank Tagine? Well… I could tell you that it is tasty, tender, delicious, […]

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