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Greek Salad

Fresh, chunky, mouth watering, beautiful colours, and exactly the same as the one I was served by the people from Troodos village, in Cyprus. I really love Greek salad. I’m often asked why I cook so much Greek food. Well,  I have so many good memories of Greece and Cyprus-  when my children were young we went there on holiday year after year – and so both Greece and Cyprus became a favourite of mine.  I find the people there are really friendly  – they used to adore our children too. So we soon became lovers of their culture and the food.

After all, Greece is the island is the Gods, and so you’d expect the food to be heavenly! Also, and I’m not sure if this might be a joke, but I read that the Greek Gods journeyed from Mount Olympus to Cyprus to spend their holidays- who knows? Perhaps this is a local tale in Greece and Cyprus!

I would like to share this with you –  my husband and I hired a motorbike in Corfu once and went on a bit of a tour around the island –  it was around lunch time and passing by, we saw couple of workers eating their lunch under an olive tree. They waved at us as we zoomed by, eating away, and we waved back, I will never forget how lovely people they are.

Greek Salad is in a class of its own – always make sure you are using the freshest of ingredients and you can’t go wrong, I promise.

I have a hundred stories to tell you about my time in Greece and Cyprus, but for now we’d better get on and prepare this wonderful Greek Salad.




Greek Salad

Greek Salad Fresh, chunky, mouth watering, beautiful colours, and exactly the same as the one I was served by the people from Troodos […]

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