Mediterranean Red Pepper Sauce

This is ideal for cooking in a tagine (or tajine) as it will add a beautiful flavour and colour to your dish. It has its own aroma and flavour too. You will be amazed at how little you need to add to a dish to have a beautiful flavour. Like I said before with …..Oven Dried Tomatoes … that you only need to add oil and garlic to the sauce, of course it all depends on which dish are you cooking.

What I like about this sauce is that it will keep in you pantry for a long time but as soon as you open it you must put in the fridge, this way it will stay fresh for you. I must say in the old days they did not have a fridge so what they did!! is the add about two tablespoon to of olive oil on top this will stop it from getting spoilt, I still do this to some of my sauces even if I put it in the fridge.

This is an old-fashioned way, as I remember it from my child hood. No one taught me how to make this sauce, it was the way I have seen made,and I also remember lots of things that she did in the summer to save her crop for the winter, like drying figs, tomatoes, fruit and more, as I mentioned in my previous recipe.

I believe the Italians have something similar as a sauce, as I know some of the people in the Mediterranean do something similar in cooking.

Let’s see how it is made:






Mediterranean Red Pepper Sauce

Mediterranean Red Pepper Sauce This is ideal for cooking in a tagine (or tajine) as it will add a beautiful flavour and colour […]


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