Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets

These Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets are really beautifully delicious, crunchy, sweet and light.
They are ideal as finger party food or simply just serve them to your guests with coffee or tea. They are fun to make if you have grand-children who love to bake, as they will enjoy arranging the nuts and having fun. If you like something different, you can add large sultanas soaked in your favourite liqueur and arrange them with the nuts just before drizzling some honey on top.
As I like making these Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets, I will find any excuse to make them! (I need an excuse as I am always watching my weight, but I am sure not everyone is the same!)

It is important that you roll the pastry very thinly or you will get too much pastry per bite when you should be having mainly the honey and the nuts.

I have shown certain nuts in the recipe, but you could also use walnuts or pretty much any ones you like.

You can make these Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets in large batches if you wish as you can store them in a tight container for about a week as the nuts will last you so does the honey. Make loads and give them as gifts!

Let’s make these beauties:



Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets

Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets These Honey Filled Mixed Nut Tartlets are really beautifully delicious, crunchy, sweet and light. They are ideal as […]

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