Gateau Lawrence

Gateau Lawrence

I guarantee you will want more then one slice as one slice is just not enough! I only make this cake when I am on a diet as the chocolate I add is 90% pure cocoa. As long as you use a good quality chocolate it’s okay, I suppose.

I also use extra chocolate for the icing as I like my Gateau Lawrence nice and thick. It’s no good having a thin layer of chocolate, what is the point when you want a treat your self do it properly and indulge yourself well? You might think that I have an issue with food – I don’t,  I just like to really indulge myself when I go on holiday then when I come home I do my dieting, it’s called a lack of will power!

My reason for my new guilt is because I never used to have to worry about my weight until now, ‘where did I go wrong?’ I ask myself, and ‘why me?’ I suppose as we get older, it gets harder to keep the weight down.  One day I will invent a magic food that is very tasty but when you eat it you lose weight. I am sure you will all want to see this recipe – well you never know, may be one day……

Now let’s make this (slightly) guilt free cake:




Gateau Lawrence

Gateau Lawrence I guarantee you will want more then one slice as one slice is just not enough! I only make this cake […]

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