Crêpes aux fraises

Crêpes aux fraises

They are nice and light and I like to serve Crêpes aux fraises with this amazing delicious naughty strawberry cold sauce. I have made many crepes and pancake recipes, but I always go back to this one. I just love the texture of it all, but you can of course eat the crepes on their own as they are so delicious. I love crepes –  who doesn’t?  I like mine for breakfast, early in the morning especially if someone makes them for me, with lots of honey or warm chocolate sauce. Here in the UK they make them with lemon juice and caster sugar, but most people here often only have crepes (well, they call them pancakes) in February or March, on Shrove Tuesday or ‘Pancake Day’.

I find this amazing as I make crepes whenever I fancy some, although I am told it is supposedly the last day before the fast for the Lent period.  Locally, teams from hotels compete in a pancake race and the winners are always announced in the local paper. Schools get involved too – the children love it as each one will bring some pancakes home to their parents. A bit bizarre, but fun, all the same.
I often get asked what the difference is between crepes and pancakes? Well, to me I think pancakes are a little simpler and you can use the same batter as Yorkshire pudding, but with crepes you add some butter to the batter –  that, for me, is the difference, but  I am sure someone out there may know otherwise – let me know!

Let’s see how easy it is to make them:


Crêpes aux fraises

Crêpes aux fraises They are nice and light and I like to serve Crêpes aux fraises with this amazing delicious naughty strawberry cold […]

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