Danish Apple Cake

Danish Apple Cake

This is really a heavenly cake. It melts in your mouth, and you get the sweetness from the apricot jam, together with the fluffiness from the inside. You don’t need to cut it with a knife, you just need to tear and share. Well of course you need to cut it into a slice.

I always make this cake when I have an abundance of eating apples, yes you can use any apple you want, some say to use cooking apples I have never had a failure with eating apples. There just the two of us at the moment, I am still shopping for a family this is why I have left over fruit to use up. And what  better way than to made this lovely apple cake. I am sure I will adjust to cooking just for the two of us in time.

This cake is quite popular in most countries, not just in Denmark, each region has its own, including in the UK particularly in Somerset where I live, because there are plenty of apple orchards, in this part of the region. They also use the apples mainly for cider, but we are not talking about the popularity of the good old cider, my favourite, I am proud to say!

Let’s see how to bake this cake:


Danish Apple Cake

Danish Apple Cake This is really a heavenly cake. It melts in your mouth, and you get the sweetness from the apricot jam, […]

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